Synopsis and Cast List of Kdrama Maestra: Strings of Truth

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Tell the story of a former violinist who became an orchestra conductor

Lee Young Ae is finally ready to make her comeback to the screen after 2 years. She will star in a Korean drama titled Maestra: Strings of Truth, based on the original French series Philharmonia that aired in 2019.

Lee Young Ae herself last appeared on screen through Inspector Koo in 2021. For those who have been curious about the actress’s acting comeback, here is the synopsis and cast list of the Korean drama Maestra: Strings of Truth which airs December 2023.

1.Synopsis Maestra : Strings of Truth

Korean drama Maestra: Strings of Truth will tell the life of Cha Se Eum (Lee Young Ae), a former violinist who is currently turning into an orchestra conductor. He even made others jealous because of the position he achieved with his hard work.

However, not many people know that Cha Se Eum has a big secret that will shock people. Until one day mysterious cases began to occur in the orchestra he led. While investigating it, she also found something in it.

2. Cast list Maestra : Strings of Truth

After starring in the Korean drama Inspector Koo in 2021, Lee Young Ae is finally ready to make a comeback to the screen through Maestra: Strings of Truth, here. Apart from Lee Young Ae, here are a series of other players who will act with the 1971-born actress:

  • Lee Young Ae as Cha Se Eum
  • Lee Mu Saeng as Yoo Jung Jae
  • Hwang Boreumbyeol as Lee Ru Na
  • Kim Young Jae as Kim Pil
  • Park Ho San as Jeon Sang Do
  • Jeong Dong Hwan as Cha Ki Baek
  • Ye Soo Jung as Bae Jung Hwa
  • Lee Si Won as Lee A Jin
  • Kim Young Ah as Lee Hye Jung
  • Lee Jung Yeol as Park Jae Man
  • Jin So Yeon as Kwon Soo Jin
  • Lee Byung Joon as Oh Hyun Seok
  • Kim Min Kyu as Kim Tae Ho

3. Air schedule Maestra : Strings of Truth

Korean drama Maestra: Strings of Truth is scheduled to premiere on December 9, 2023, every Saturday and Sunday via tvN channel after Castaway Diva finishes its last episode. To avoid missing it, don’t forget to set a reminder!

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