10 Layering Outfit Ideas from Jake ENHYPEN, His Style so Hype!

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Dominated by a fashionable and trendy casual style

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Jo Eun Jung | m.news.nate.com/Choi Gyu Han | m.news.nate.com/Ji Soo Jin)

In the fashion world, layering means piling up. In the sense of stacking here is combining several kinds of fashion items into one to create a more stylish and contemporary look.

Well, of the many KPop idols, Jake ENHYPEN often appears with a layering outfit style in supporting his appearance, you know. For those of you who still like to be confused about layering outfits, a series of Jake portraits below might be an inspiration for you. Let’s take a look!

1. Mamba style, here Jake wears an inner t-shirt layered with a bomber jacket, straight fit pants and platform shoes.

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Jung Yoo Jin)

2. This combination of a collar zipper pullover, denim jacket, loose jeans, sneakers and beanie hat is perfect for a winter outfit.

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Jung Yoo Jin)

3. Fitted zip up with wool coat, straight fit pants and high top sneakers like this Jake style, can be used as an OOTD vacation abroad

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Jung Yoo Jin)

4. Still with the same outer, this time you can pair it with a hoodie, straight fit jeans, sneakers and a ball cap to complete your style.

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Lee Dae Sun)

5. Basic t-shirt wrapped in a leather jacket with drawstring jeans, will be more stylish with platform shoes as footwear.

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Yoo Yong Ju)

6. Black T-shirt, Jake layers a matching track jumper with high-waist loose jeans and sneakers

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Yoo Yong Ju)

7. Girlfriends can too! Copy Jake’s style with a basic tee, short shirt jacket, flared ripped jeans. To make it even cooler, wear platform shoes

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Lim Sung Kyun)

8. A basic tee layered over a denim jacket, paired with flared sweatpants, sneakers and a ball cap for support.

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Choi Gyu Han)

9. Showcasing a casual OOTD, Jake pairs a longsleeve t-shirt with a denim vest, carpenter jeans, sneakers and a ball cap.

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Ji Soo Jin)

10. Wearing a black t-shirt as an inner with cargo pants, Jake chose a white denim jacket to complement with opaque shoes and a bag.

Jake ENHYPEN (m.news.nate.com/Jo Eun Jung)

To support the layering outfit style, it’s actually not that difficult if you are more creative. You can also customize it with your own sense of style. Hope it’s useful, Bro!

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