25 Portraits of Miss Earth 2023 Finalists from Asia Pacific, Super Stunning!

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Indonesia is represented by Cindy Inanto

Portrait of Miss Earth 2023 Finalists from Asia Pacific (instagram.com/cindyinanto)

The Miss Earth beauty pageant is back. The 23rd edition of the event was held in Vietnam for the second time after 2010. As one of the prestigious contests, the finalists of Miss Earth 2023 successfully grabbed the attention of pageant lovers.

Of the 88 finalists who competed this year, 25 of them came from the Asia Pacific region. Last year, the Asia Pacific region won the Miss Earth title through Mina Sue Choi from South Korea. For those of you who are curious about this year’s finalists, IDN Times will take you through 25 portraits of Miss Earth 2023 finalists from Asia Pacific below. Keep scrolling!

1. Armenia – Paolin Darbin-Ahangari

Miss Earth Armenia 2023, Paolin Darbin-Ahangari (instagram.com/pauline_darbin)

2. Australia – Helen Lātūkefu

Miss Earth Australia 2023, Helen Lātūkefu (instagram.com/helenecology)

3. Bangladesh – Anika Bushra Mariya

Miss Earth Bangladesh 2023, Anika Bushra Mariya (instagram.com/anikabushramariya)

4. Cambodia – Pouvjessica Tan

Miss Earth Cambodia 2023, Pouvjessica Tan (instagram.com/jjessitan)

5. China – Mingyang Wang

Miss Earth China 2023, Mingyang Wang (instagram.com/ellen_wanggg)

6. India – Priyan Sain

Miss Earth India 2023, Priyan Sain (instagram.com/priyan_sain)

7. Indonesia – Cindy Inanto

Miss Earth Indonesia 2023, Cindy Inanto (instagram.com/cindyinanto)

8. Japan – Kirari Oshiro

Miss Earth Japan 2023, Kirari Oshiro (instagram.com/03_laali)

9. Kazakhstan – Dilnaz Tilaeva

Miss Earth Kazakhstan 2023, Dilnaz Tilaeva (instagram.com/distewardess)

10. South Korea – Jang Da-yeon

Miss Earth South Korea 2023, Jang Da-yeon (instagram.com/yxxnslife)

11. Laos – Nuolao Wamenglor

Miss Earth Laos 2023, Nuolao Wamenglor (instagram.com/nou.wml)

12. Lebanon – Tatyana Alwan

Miss Earth Lebanon 2023, Tatyana Alwan (instagram.com/tatyanaalwanofficial)

13. Malaysia – Nadira Isaac

Miss Earth Malaysia 2023, Nadira Isaac (instagram.com/nadiraisaac)

14. Mongolia – Munkhchimeg Batjargal

Miss Earth Mongolia 2023, Munkhchimeg Batjargal (instagram.com/munkhchimeg_bat)

15. Myanmar – Soung Hnin San

Miss Earth Myanmar 2023, Soung Hnin San (instagram.com/soung_hnin_san)

16. Nepal – Rainyusha Majgaiya

Miss Earth Nepal 2023, Rainyusha Majgaiya (instagram.com/raina_majgaiya)

17. New Zealand – Caitlyn Dulcie Smythe

Miss Earth New Zealand 2023, Caitlyn Dulcie Smythe (instagram.com/caitlyndulcie)

18. Northern Mariana Islands – Jan Zowie Cruz

Miss Earth Northern Mariana Islands 2023, Jan Zowie Cruz (instagram.com/zowie_cruz)

19. Pakistan – Kapotaqkhy Chanchala

Miss Earth Pakistan 2023, Kapotaqkhy Chanchala (instagram.com/kapotaqkhy)

20. Palestine – Yara Bishi

Miss Earth Palestine 2023, Yara Bishi (instagram.com/yara4bishi)

21. Philippines – Yllana Aduana

Miss Earth Philippines 2023, Yllana Aduana (instagram.com/yanaaduana)

22. Singapore – Asenath Loh Jia En

Miss Earth Singapore 2023, Asenath Loh Jia En (instagram.com/llsupergurll)

23. Sri Lanka – Viyana Pietersz

Miss Earth Sri Lanka 2023, Viyana Pietersz (instagram.com/miss_earth_srilanka_2023)

24. Thailand – Cora Bliault

Miss Earth Thailand 2023, Cora Bliault (instagram.com/coconut.cora)

25. Vietnam – Đỗ Thị Lan Anh

Miss Earth Vietnam 2023, Đỗ Thị Lan Anh (instagram.com/natabienzz)

With their dazzling beauty and stunning looks, it’s no wonder finalists from the Asia-Pacific region are always a top contender at Miss Earth. Which country’s finalists are strong candidates to become this year’s champions?

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