5 Unique Bromances in Kdrama that Steal the Attention

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Bromance that is not only hilarious, but also tense

trailer for Korean drama Twinkling Watermelon (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Fans of Korean dramas are certainly familiar with the bromance that is usually part of the story in the drama. The close relationship between two male characters as friends or brothers often complements the main story that is worth looking forward to. Of the many bromances, here are five bromances that have unique relationships and successfully steal the show in Korean dramas.

1. The youthful encounter of a son and his father in the play Twinkling Watermelon

trailer for Korean drama Twinkling Watermelon (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Twinkling Watermelon tells the story of Eun Gyeoul (Ryeo Un) who loves music and is happy with his band. However, his interest in music is opposed by his father. At one time, he went somewhere after having a big fight with his father. Eun Gyeoul saw a mysterious musical instrument shop and entered it. When he was about to leave the shop, she found himself in 1995.

Starting life in 1995, Eun Gyeoul met his teenage father. The relationship between Eun Gyeoul and his father at a young age, Ha Yi Chan (Choi Hyun Wook) becomes a hilarious, strange, yet touching bromance story. The concept of father-son friendship when they are the same age is very interesting. Twinkling Watermelon is the type of light-hearted drama that is packed with entertainment as it features not only family relationships, but also romance, music, disability, and time travel.

2. Police undercover work for the leader of a criminal organization in the drama The Worst of Evil

trailer for Korean drama The Worst of Evil (instagram.com/disneypluskr)

Ji Chang Wook’s presence in an action-packed drama is quite anticipated by his fans. In The Worst of Evil, Ji Chang Wook acted with Wi Ha Joon whose name began to rise after joining popular drama projects such as Squid Game and Little Women. The bromance in this drama is not only eye-catching but also suspenseful.

The main premise of the drama The Worst of Evil is to investigate drug trafficking allegedly carried out by three countries, namely South Korea, Japan, and China. Because this is a large-scale crime, the only best way is to infiltrate a criminal organization. This dangerous job is taken by Park Jun Mo (Ji Chang Wook).

In his disguise, he manages to become one of Jung Gi Cheul’s (Wi Ha Joon) confidants who is the leader of a criminal organization that controls the Gangnam area. Park Jun Mo and Jung Gi Cheul’s relationship doesn’t stop there. Both of them are involved in a more complicated story because Park Jun Mo’s wife, who is also a policeman, turns out to be Jung Gi Cheul’s first love. Park Jun Mo becomes Jung Gi Cheul’s friend and enemy. He has to complete his mission to arrest Jung Gi Cheul, and on the other hand, he has to become Jung Gi Cheul’s confidant to get more information about the criminal organization.

3. The love-hate relationship between two half-sisters in the 1938 drama Tale of Nine Tailed

trailer for the Korean drama Tale of Nine Tailed 1938 (tvn.cjenm.com)

Tale of Nine Tailed 1938 is a sequel to the drama Tale of Nine Tailed that aired in 2020. In this sequel, the more highlighted story is the relationship between two half-brothers, Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) and Lee Rang (Kim Beom). The love and hate relationship between these brothers is well known in previous dramas. But in this sequel, Lee Yeon and Lee Rang’s screen time is packed with more intensity.

There is a case that requires Lee Yeon to come to 1938. There he met his two best friends as a child. In addition, he also met his brother, Lee Rang. While in 1938, Lee Yeon took care of Lee Rang and tried to make his live happily. Lee Yeon did that because in the future, Lee Rang did not live long. Hee exchanged his life for Lee Yeon to live again.

4. The friendship between the Goblin and the grim reaper in the drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Stil cut drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (dok. Viu/Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God tells the story of Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) who became a Goblin because he was killed and cursed by a young king who was jealous of his achievements as a general. He is cursed to live for hundreds of years with a sword stuck in his body. The sword can only be removed by a Goblin bride, and with that, his life will end.

Because of its fame, some scenes in the drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God are often parodied in other dramas. Not only is the fantasy story interesting, but the two-character relationship between Goblin Kim Shin and the grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) also steals the show. The two lived under the same roof and became friends despite arguing with each other. Interestingly, it turns out that the two of them have actually been connected for hundreds of years. The grim reaper who now lives with Kim Shin, was once a viceroy who had killed him hundreds of years ago.

5. The reunion of two friends from the past in the 2013 drama School

School 2013 drama trailer (doc. Viu/School 2013)

School 2013 became a drama that has raised the names of actors Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin. In this drama, it is told that Ko Nam Soon (Lee Jong Suk) is a student who has no ambition and goals. He goes to school only to fill attendance, not to learn.

At one point, a new student named Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin) arrives in Ko Nam Soon’s class. Park Heung Soo’s arrival surprised Ko Nam Soon. The two of them don’t seem to get along. Park Heung Soo continues to stay away from Ko Nam Soon. Meanwhile, in every situation, Ko Nam Soon always tries to do good to Park Heung Soo. The past of the two was finally revealed. Ko Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo used to be best friends. They were as close as brothers. A bad event happened to Park Heung Soo to make their friendship break.

Although not part of the main storyline, bromance characters are often the key to bringing the story to life. In fact, in some dramas it can make the audience fail to focus on the main plot because of the strong relationship built by the bromance character.

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