26 Portraits of Miss Earth 2023 Finalist Evening Gowns from Europe, Beautiful!

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Looking like a barbie in her portrait

Portrait of European Representative’s Evening Dress at Miss Earth 2023 (facebook.comMiss Earth)

Photoshoots are one of the official agencies in every edition of Miss Earth. This year is no exception, the finalists are also busy with the photoshoot agenda which lasts for two days from December 5 to December 6, 2023.

On Wednesday (20/12/2023), the results of the finalists’ evening gown photo shoot were uploaded on the Miss Earth Organization’s Facebook account. In this photo shoot, all finalists are competing to show their best poses to steal the show. As with the 26 finalists from the European region who successfully attracted the enthusiasm of pageant lovers.

Well, this time Pop Asian Times has summarized the compilation of the results of the evening dress photo shoot of the finalists from the European region at Miss Earth 2023. Let’s scrolling!

1. Albania – Drita Ziri

Miss Earth Albania 2023, Drita Ziri (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

2. Belarus – Karyna Kisialiova

Miss Earth Belarus 2023, Karyna Kisialiova (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

3. Belgium – Jolien Pede

Miss Earth Belgium 2023, Jolien Pede (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

4. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Verica Mihajlović

Miss Earth Bosnia and Herzegovina 2023, Verica Mihajlović (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

5. Bulgaria – Victoria Lazarova

Miss Earth Bulgaria 2023, Victoria Lazarova (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

6. Croatia – Michelle Salome Kursar

Miss Earth Croatia 2023, Michelle Salome Kursar (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

7. Czech Republic – Kristýna Pavlovičová

Miss Earth Czech Republic 2023, Kristýna Pavlovičová (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

8. Denmark – Silvia Topholm

Miss Earth Denmark 2023, Silvia Topholm (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

9. England – Jordan-Louise Smith

Miss Earth England 2023, Jordan-Louise Smith (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

10. France – Enola Godart

Miss Earth France 2023, Enola Godart (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

11. Germany – Maike Damrat

Miss Earth Germany 2023, Maike Damrat (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

12. Greece – Christianna Katsieri

Miss Earth Greece 2023, Christianna Katsieri (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

13. Ireland – Layla Doherty

Miss Earth Ireland 2023, Layla Doherty (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

14. Kosovo – Leonora Leci

Miss Earth Kosovo 2023, Leonora Leci (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

15. Montenegro – Tina Krulanović

Miss Earth Montenegro 2023, Tina Krulanović (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

16. Netherlands – Noa Claus

Miss Earth Netherlands 2023, Noa Claus (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

17. Norway – Emilie Svendby

Miss Earth Norway 2023, Emilie Svendby (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

18. Poland – Ewa Jakubiec

Miss Earth Poland 2023, Ewa Jakubiec (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

19. Portugal – Carlota Lobo

Miss Earth Portugal 2023, Carlota Lobo (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

20. Romania – Georgiana Catalina Popescu

Miss Earth Romania 2023, Georgiana Catalina Popescu (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

21. Russia – Daria Lukonkina

Miss Earth Russia 2023, Daria Lukonkina (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

22. Serbia – Andjela Vanevski

Miss Earth Serbia 2023, Andjela Vanevski (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

23. Slovenia – Monica Čavlović

Miss Earth Slovenia 2023, Monica Čavlović (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

24. Spain – Edurne Fernández

Miss Earth Spain 2023, Edurne Fernández (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

25. Ukraine – Anastasia Feier

Miss Earth Ukraina 2023, Anastasia Feier (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

26. Wales – Carys Havard

Miss Earth Wales 2023, Carys Havard (facebook.com/Miss Earth)

On the eve of the finals, Albania, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Greece are the most favored finalists from the European region. Anyway, whose evening gown portrait is your favorite?

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