These Are The Final Results Of Miss Earth 2023, Albania Representative Successfully Became The Winner

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And finally Albanian representative succeeded in becoming the winner

Miss Earth 2023, Drita Ziri (

The prestigious beauty event in the world, Miss Earth, is held again this year. The 23rd Miss Earth event took place in Egypt which began last Friday (1/12/2023). There are 85 finalists from various countries competing for the title of Miss Earth 2023.

After the quarantine period was held for three weeks, the final event of Miss Earth 2023 was held on Friday (22/12/2023) night local time. The final night was broadcast live from Vạn Phúc City, Hiệp Bình Phước, Thủ Đức, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. At the end of the event, Mina Sue Choi crowned Drita Ziri from Albania as Miss Earth 2023. In addition, Cindy Inanto who represented Indonesia also achieved the highest achievement by entering the top 12.

For those of you who missed the Miss Earth 2023 grand final, Pop Asian Times has summarized the complete results of the Miss Earth 2023 event. Check it out

1. Top 20

Top 20 Miss Earth 2023
Top 20 Miss Earth 2023 ( Earth Vietnam)

Before the announcement of the top 20, the finalists appeared in an opening session wearing white Ao Dai. In turn, all the finalists introduced their names and countries. Then, the finalists changed into pink and ivory white swimsuits.
Uniquely, there is 1 spot in the top 20 filled by special award winners, namely People’s Choice. Here is the list of finalists who made it to the top 20.
  1. Belanda – Noa Claus
  2. Thailand – Cora Bliault
  3. Belgium – Jolien Pede
  4. Africa Selatan – Belindé Schreuder
  5. Filipina – Yllana Aduana
  6. Bulgaria – Victoria Lazarova
  7. India – Priyan Sain
  8. Puerto Rico – Victoria Arocho
  9. Albania – Drita Ziri
  10. Zimbabwe – Courtney Jongwe
  11. Brazil – Morgana Carlos
  12. Canada – Layanna Robinson
  13. Inggris – Jordan-Louise Smith
  14. Mauritius – Hateefa Low Kom
  15. Rusia – Daria Lukonkina
  16. America Serikat – Danielle Mullins
  17. Kazakhstan – Dilnaz Tilaeva
  18. Venezuela – Jhosskaren Carrizo
  19. Vietnam – Đỗ Thị Lan Anh
  20. Indonesia – Cindy Inanto (People’s Choice)

2. Top 12

Top 12 Miss Earth 2023
Top 12 Miss Earth 2023 (

Finalists who made it to the top 20 then immediately faced the swimsuit session. In this session, the finalists appeared wearing shawls tied at the waist. All 20 finalists successfully performed stunningly when showing off their catwalk skills.
After seeing the finalists’ performances, the judges unanimously decided on the 12 finalists who continued their dreams to the next round as follows.
  1. Vietnam – Đỗ Thị Lan Anh
  2. Brazil – Morgana Carlos
  3. South Africa – Belindé Schreuder
  4. Venezuela – Jhosskaren Carrizo
  5. Netherlands – Noa Claus
  6. Philippines – Yllana Aduana
  7. Albania – Drita Ziri
  8. Puerto Rico – Victoria Arocho
  9. Indonesia – Cindy Inanto
  10. Thailand – Cora Bliault
  11. Russia – Daria Lukonkina
  12. Kazakhstan – Dilnaz Tilaeva

3. Top 8

Top 8 Miss Earth 2023
Top 8 Miss Earth 2023 (

The challenge that the top 12 had to face was the evening gown session. Exuding an elegant and mesmerizing aura, the finalists successfully stole the audience’s attention on the final night. In this session, the assessment was based on the charisma exuded by the finalists in the evening gown.
Here are the finalists who are still holding on to their dreams of winning Miss Earth 2023.
  1. Netherlands – Noa Claus
  2. Brazil – Morgana Carlos
  3. Vietnam – Đỗ Thị Lan Anh
  4. Kazakhstan – Dilnaz Tilaeva
  5. Philippines – Yllana Aduana
  6. Albania – Drita Ziri
  7. Thailand – Cora Bliault
  8. Russia – Daria Lukonkina

4. Top 4

Top 4 Miss Earth 2023
Top 4 Miss Earth 2023 (

Excellent public speaking skills are one of the main criteria to become the winner of Miss Earth 2023. Therefore, the top eight were faced with a question and answer session. The finalists get one different question read out by the host. For 60 seconds, they had to give the best answer to the question given.
Here is the list of finalists who made it to the final four of Miss Earth 2023.
  1. Vietnam – Đỗ Thị Lan Anh
  2. Philippines – Yllana Aduana
  3. Albania – Drita Ziri
  4. Thailand – Cora Bliault

5. Final result

Miss Earth Albania 2023, Drita Ziri
Miss Earth Albania 2023, Drita Ziri (

The question and answer session was again the deciding session. The difference this time was that all the remaining finalists received the same question from the judges. Within 30 seconds, the finalists had to deliver the best answer to the question given. In this session, the four finalists succeeded in receiving loud cheers from the audience for their answers.
After deliberating, the jury finally agreed to decide the final results of Miss Earth 2023 as follows.
  1. Miss Earth 2023 – Drita Ziri (Albania)
  2. Miss Earth Air 2023 – Yllana Aduana (Philippines)
  3. Miss Earth Water 2023 – Đỗ Thị Lan Anh (Vietnam)
  4. Miss Earth Fire 2023 – Cora Bliault (Thailand)

6. Special awards

Miss Earth Vietnam 2023, Đỗ Thị Lan Anh
Miss Earth Vietnam 2023, Đỗ Thị Lan Anh (

Miss Earth Organization also gave out some special awards during the final night event. A total of seven special awards were given as a token of appreciation to the finalists. Here is the list of finalists who won special awards in this edition.
  1. Miss People’s Choice – Cindy Inanto (Indonesia)
  2. Best Appearance – Đỗ Thị Lan Anh (Vietnam)
  3. Best Bikini – Yllana Aduana (Philippines)
  4. Best National Costume – Đỗ Thị Lan Anh (Vietnam)
  5. Best in Evening Gown – Dilnaz Tilaeva (Kazakhstan)
  6. Best in Talent – Caitlyn Dulcie Smythe (New Zealand)
  7. Best Eco Presentation – Continental Europe Team
Throughout the competition, Drita Ziri has been a much-favored finalist. She managed to become the first Miss Earth winner from her country. Congrats!

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