3 South Korean Facts that are Not as Beautiful as in Drama!

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The real world is not as beautiful as Korean dramas young people ~

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South Korea is becoming the new world axis in the field of entertainment. They offer new types of entertainment, namely K-Pop and K-Drama. The Korean drama virus has spread throughout the world, the various genres of drama produced successfully entertain the audience.

The stories presented often present the beauty of living in Korea. Adorable romance, delicious food, diverse shopping options, cool cities make many people interested in living there. However, is the real life of Koreans as beautiful as in the drama?

It turns out that many surprising facts about Korea are not as beautiful as in the drama. Check out three surprising facts about Korea below!

1. The rate of ending life is high

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The World Population Review reported that South Korea had the fourth highest rate of ending life in the world in 2019. The factor of ending life among the elderly is quite high. This is influenced by the Asian culture that elderly parents will be taken care of by their children. The harsh life in South Korea makes the elderly feel that they are only a financial burden to their families, so some of them decide to end their lives.
Apart from the elderly, students also have a higher than average rate of ending their lives. The demand to succeed in academics increases the stress level of students. Not to mention other factors such as poor social relationships, bullying, and fatigue that can increase the risk of ending one’s life.
The most common methods of ending life in Korea are carbon monoxide inhalation and jumping off bridges. The Korean government is trying to reduce the rate of ending one’s life by increasing access to mental health services for the public.

2. Brutal bullying among students

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If you’ve ever watched the drama “The Glory” starring Song Hye Kyo, that’s what the brutality of bullying in South Korea looks like. The level of bullying in South Korea is severe. Bullying that occurs in South Korea is not only limited to verbal, but also physical bullying.
There are many criminal cases related to bullying among students, for example the Cheonghakdong Dormitory case, sexual violence cases in North Gyeonggi, and various other cases. Bullying is also one of the factors supporting the high rate of ending life among South Korean students.

3. Physical appearance is everything

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The culture in South Korea places great importance on external appearance. This is what makes plastic surgery there so in-demand and makes South Korea the mecca of plastic surgery.
Extreme beauty standards in society that glorify certain facial and body features make individuals feel inferior to their natural physical appearance, so many eventually choose to undergo plastic surgery to be accepted by society.
The term “If you look good, 90 percent of life’s problems are solved” applies in South Korea. Someone who is good looking is more likely to get a job. Therefore, plastic surgery has become commonplace in South Korea.
Duh, it turns out that what is seen on the screen is not as beautiful as the real world. Living in your own country feels much more comfortable, huh? Even so, South Korea is still a country that produces interesting quality spectacles and is worthy of being a tourist destination.

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