4 Differences between Monsters in Sweet Home 2 vs Gyeongseong Creature

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The monster form to the spread of infection is very different

Gyeongseong Creature and Sweet Home 2 drama posters (twitter.com/netflixth | twitter.com/NetflixKR)

In 2023, the Netflix platform released two monster-themed original dramas. First, there is Sweet Home season 2. The second is Gyeongseong Creature part 1.

Although both discuss monsters, these two kdrama have many differences. Not just about the setting of the story, but related to the monster itself. Here are five differences in monsters in Gyeongseong Creature vs Sweet Home 2.

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

1. Monsterization stages

Lee Do Hyun in Sweet Home 2 (twitter.com/studiodragonKR)

The stages or process of monsterization in these two dramas are different. In Gyeongseong Creature, infected humans will feel pain in the head. The strength of the pain makes many of them die after hitting their own heads.
Meanwhile, the initial symptoms of monsterization in Sweet Home 1 and 2 are severe nosebleeds and hallucinations. Infected people have 14 days of golden time. Many turn into monsters in less than two weeks after first being infected. If they can survive longer, they will become human monsters.

2. Media of infection spread

Gyeongseong Creature drama trailer (doc. Netflix/Gyeongseong Creature)

In Gyeongseong Creature, monsters are created in an experiment. Victims are given water contaminated with a parasite called Najin. The parasite attacks the human brain and eventually turns people who drink the tainted water into monsters.
Meanwhile in Sweet Home, monsterization is referred to as a natural phenomenon. Until season 2 ended, it was unclear how the infection started. Even so, in Sweet Home 2, there is a new spread process. There is a character who is said to be able to turn humans into monsters just by touch.

3. The impulse that turns humans into monsters

Lee Jin Wook in Sweet Home 2 (twitter.com/studiodragonKR)

In the kdrama Sweet Home, the drive that turns people into monsters is the desire of each person. The form of monsters depicts their deepest desires. For example, in season 2 there is a face monster that shows that the person used to be obsessed with their physical appearance because they wanted to be an artist.
On the other hand, not everyone who drank the Najin parasite turned into a monster in the drama Gyeongseong Creature. Instead of desire or passion, what turns them into monsters is sadness and survival motivation. Interestingly, the one who turned into a monster was a mother who was separated from her child.

4. Types and forms of monsters

Gyeongseong Creature drama trailer (doc. Netflix/Gyeongseong Creature)

The forms of monsters in Sweet Home are more diverse than in the kdrama Gyeongseong Creature. This is because everyone’s desires are different so their monsters are not the same. In addition, there are also more types of monsters in Sweet Home. Apart from pure monsters, there are also human or neohuman monsters. They are half human monsters.
In the kdrama Gyeongseong Creature, it is said that there is only one monster created from a series of experiments. It has long tentacles and can turn sharp. His body is also strong, but when he inhales nitrogen he will fall asleep and then release anthrax spores that kill living things.
The story of monsters in the kdrama Sweet Home and Gyeongseong Creature has its own uniqueness and characteristics. Even so, watching these two kdrama is equally exciting and suspenseful. Have you watched these two thriller dramas?

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