4 Kdramas Starring Rowoon Are Popular Despite Small Ratings

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This Kdrama is preferred by global audiences

Tomorrow drama poster (doc. MBC/Tomorrow)

Rowoon has starred in a variety of popular kdramas, although some of them did not receive high ratings. That’s why, ratings are not the only measure of the quality of a show. Even high ratings do not promise the popularity of a drama.

Speaking of the actor, Rowoon recently reportedly left SF9 who raised his name to focus on acting. It didn’t take long for Rowoon to become a big actor considering his name continues to be on the list of new dramas.

Currently, Rowoon is the face of the sageuk kdrama The Matchmakers with Cho Yi Hyun. Before the drama, here are summarized some of Rowoon’s popular drama with small ratings.

1. Destined with You (2023)

Destined with You drama poster (dok. JTBC/Destined with You)

Still in the same year as the broadcast of The Matchmakers, Rowoon’s name was widely discussed as the popularity of the kdrama Destined with You increased. In this kdrama, Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah act as a couple.
Destined with You only managed to score an average rating of 2.6 percent. This figure is fairly small from the standard cable TV rating which averages 3 percent. This drama airs on JTBC and some countries can watch it via Netflix.
Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) is an employee of Onju City Hall. She was assigned to increase the number of tourists by dismantling a haunted house. The house used to belong to a shaman, but since his death, the house was inherited by Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon).

2. Tomorrow (2022)

Tomorrow drama poster (doc. MBC/Tomorrow)

Tomorrow, which enjoyed kdrama lovers in 2022, was no less popular. It’s a pity that the kdrama fronted by Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Kim Hee Sun received a small rating. Even though this kdrama is widely discussed among international audiences.
Airing on MBC, Tomorrow received a rating of only 3.4 percent. While the standard drama that airs on national TV usually exceeds 5 percent of the overall average episode. In the premiere episode, the drama reached 7.6 percent, then began to decline every week.
This drama basically tells the life of the grim reaper. They escort people to go to the afterlife. In it, many social issues are also raised, so it is widely discussed in various social media columns.

3. She Would Never Know (2021)

She Would Never Know drama poster (dok. JTBC/She Would Never Know)

The story of She Would Never Know revolves around Yoon Song Ah (Won Jin Ah), an aspiring domestic product marketer. She refuses to date younger men, but one of her juniors, Chae Hyun Seung (Rowoon) is interested in her.
Kdrama She Would Never Know had attracted attention because it tells the story of a noona-dongsaeng couple. Unfortunately, the drama played on JTBC only received a rating of 1.84 percent of the average overall episode.
Even though the rating is relatively small, She Would Never Know has been in the spotlight since its premiere. This drakor is favored because of the office romance that is carried, relate to reality. So are the challenges Song Ah has to face when she likes a younger man.

4. Extraordinary You (2019)

Extraordinary You drama poster (doc. MBC/Extraordinary You)

Rowoon’s charm is very radiant in the drakor Extraordinary You. Through this drakor, SF9’s visual existence is increasingly recognized. Rowoon also plays an ignorant, but soft-hearted high school teenager.
The story begins when Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) realizes she is a character who has only lived in comics. She falls in love with a mysterious guy nicknamed No.13 in the midst of her journey to find out the destiny prepared by the writer.
Despite the skyrocketing popularity of both the webtoon and the drama, Extraordinary You could only reach a rating of 3.2 percent. However, this drama is favored by many global audiences because of its unique story and adaptation of a popular webtoon.
Even though it was labeled with a small rating, the kdrama starring Rowoon was popular globally. In addition to the story that suits people’s tastes, many are also interested because Rowoon is the main star. Of the two, which type of viewer are you?

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