9 Male KPop Idols Who Have Received BTS’ Favor, Unexpected!

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BTS makes the public salute with their concern

TXT and BTS (twitter.com/BTS_twt)

BTS never hesitates to lend a helping hand to anyone, be it senior or junior artists. The help they provide is also so diverse, ranging from giving advice to offering financial support. Their good deeds have drawn praise from the public who salute them. 

Well, the following Korean artists have revealed the help they received from BTS members. They feel grateful and thankful that BTS doesn’t mind helping. Check them out to find out the details!

1. TXT

TXT and BTS (twitter.com/TXT_members)

A fan praised TXT’s performance of BTS’s “DNA” at SBS Gayo Daejun 2022 through Weverse. Taehyun replied, stating that the senior helped them prepare for the performance. While practicing, Son Sung Deuk, who is Big Hit Music’s main performance director, was not in Korea.
As a result, TXT had to learn the choreography themselves with their performance direction team. In addition, they also asked about the details from BTS every time they met at the company. The members don’t mind giving input that seems to help TXT in preparing their performance.

2. Jungwon ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon (twitter.com/ENHYPEN_members)

In 2021, Jungwon revealed that RM helped him face difficulties as a leader. RM gave him advice to be a leader who supports or encourages his team from behind, instead of trying to pull them from the front.
Jungwon kept that advice in mind. He also wished he had more opportunities to ask about how to keep team relationships alive. Also, he wanted to know how a team can work together to move forward together from RM who has been leading BTS for so long.

3. Newkidd

Newkidd (twitter.com/jflo_newkidd)

Newkidd cited BTS as his role model during his promotion period in the close proximity of interview greetings in 2019. They also often say hello to BTS. In addition, they were impressed by BTS’ reaction to their performance of “DNA” at the awards show. 
Newkidd was touched that BTS, as the original singers, gave them a thumbs up before performing and encouraged them while watching their performance. It made them want to be artists like BTS who make a good impact and make KPop global.

4. DY Just B

DY Just B (instagram.com/justb_ig_official)

BTS’s J-Hope became a mentor on the survival show Under 19. While on the program, he encouraged the team he was teaching to perform his group’s “Fake Love”. He gave various kinds of meaningful advice about difficult choreography, and even provided snacks for each team member. 
Jeon Doyum, who debuted with 1THE9, thanked J-Hope for his kindness at the debut showcase in 2019. He remembered J-Hope saying that they needed to perform sincerely, so that the audience could recognize them and be impressed.
Now, Jeon Doyum, who started his career by debuting with 1THE9 thanks to the Under 19 program, is increasingly active with his career. She debuted again with Just B under the stage name DY after the project group disbanded. J-Hope’s advice was certainly invaluable in the midst of his struggles before his debut.

5. Zuho SF9

Zuho SF9 (instagram.com/sf9official)

Zuho often mentions SUGA as an artist she admires on various occasions. In a radio show, he also claimed to have chatted directly with his idol. He explained his relationship with SUGA in more detail through a live broadcast on V Live in 2017, as fans kept asking about it. 
According to Zuho, SUGA gave him so much advice and support. He is trying to apply the advice of the senior who helped him a lot. He also wants to ask more questions, since SUGA has good skills in writing lyrics. He is happy to know his role model.

6. Tablo Epik High

SUGA BTS and Tablo Epik High (twitter.com/bts_bighit)

In March, it was revealed that SUGA helped Tablo who had to help his son with schoolwork. At the end of Suchwita’s show in March, Tablo stated that he had to go home immediately because he had to help his son, Haru, when SUGA invited him to hang out together. 
Eventually, it was revealed that SUGA also helped Haru with the assignment. Haru came to the set of Suchwita. He was indeed working on an assignment in the form of a project that discussed BTS. 
Haru asked SUGA some questions directly for his report. He also only quoted SUGA’s name as a reference. He got the highest score thanks to SUGA’s help.

7. Eric Nam

teaser album Honestly dari Eric Nam (twitter.com/ericnamofficial)

Eric Nam revealed BTS’ help for him at the showcase for the Honestly album in 2018. Apparently, BTS took time out of their busy schedule to check and review the Honestly album. 
Eric Nam felt that he received valuable advice from BTS. SUGA even admitted that he immediately liked the song when he heard the first version. This led him to believe that others would also enjoy the song like SUGA.

8. Sleepy

Sleepy and Jin BTS (koreaboo.com)

On a Radio Star program in 2019, Sleepy stated that Jin offered to help when he was in a dispute with his former agency, TS Entertainment. Jin sent him a message first, stating that he was willing to provide financial assistance if Sleepy needed it. 
Jin hoped that his close friend would reach out to him in times of trouble. He was grateful for Jin’s concern for him. He also claimed to be feeling fine, so there was no need for the public to worry about the dispute.
Sleepy is certainly grateful for Jin’s goodwill towards him. However, he did not accept the offer for financial assistance. He also stated that his situation has improved, as he was able to set up his own agency after the dispute was resolved.


Baekho thanked V for his concern through a live broadcast on V Live in 2019. While attending the 33rd Golden Disc Awards, NU’EST was only given three seats. After considering the best solution, two members ended up standing, while the other two members could sit in the chairs.
The reason is, they feel awkward if they let only one member stand. However, the confusion didn’t last long as V brought a chair for them. They were grateful, even considering the BTS vocalist as an angel.
From the confessions of a number of artists above, the public came to know that BTS is a KPop idol who cares about the people around them. They have also often reaped praise for their good personalities, you know. No wonder, if BTS is a role model for many people.

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