4 KPop Idols Who Have Helped BTS, Seo Taiji to Taeyeon SNSD!

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Senior artists don’t mind helping BTS!

Seo Taiji and BTS (facebook.com/Seotaiji)

BTS is known as a KPop group that is friendly to everyone, including fellow artists in the entertainment industry. As a result, other artists do not hesitate to provide assistance to BTS when they need it. This is proof that the boy group has a good relationship with anyone. 

Well, here are some Korean artists who don’t mind giving BTS a hand. They are happy to interact with each member who can show a good attitude on various occasions, you know. Check them out!

1. Flowsik

Flowsik (instagram.com/jayflowsik)

Through a showcase in 2018, Flowsik said he was honored to contribute to the remix version of “Mic Drop” for BTS. He participated as an English lyricist.
Flowsik helped because he often used English in his daily life at the time. He was even more proud to be able to create the song as KPop was gaining popularity around the world at the time.

2. Seo Taiji

Seo Taiji and BTS (facebook.com/Seotaiji)

In the 2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show program in 2017, BTS thanked Seo Taiji. At that time, they did have the opportunity to collaborate with Seo Taiji who was celebrating his 25th debut anniversary. They also performed eight songs at the senior’s concert. 
According to BTS, Seo Taiji was very detailed in helping them learn all the dance moves. They were honored to be taught by Seo Taiji in person. The senior also built a close bond with them, making them feel like children to him.

3. Taeyeon SNSD

BTS and Taeyeon SNSD (twitter.com/BTS_twt)

During a showcase in 2014, it was revealed that BTS chose the title track of the Skool Luv Affair album title track thanks to Taeyeon. The title track titled “Boy In Luv” has the title “Manly Man” in Korea. Therefore, they felt burdened because they thought the title might not be appropriate.
Moreover, Bang Si Hyuk asked the reason why they chose that title. The agency founder seemed skeptical of BTS’ decision. However, those doubts were dispelled when SNSD’s Taeyeon mentioned about manly men which is the meaning of “Manly Man” in an event.
The phrase refers to Taeyeon’s statement at the Golden Disc Awards. While MCing the show, Taeyeon connected BTS with the words, “I like manly men” to introduce their performance. This is what gave BTS the confidence to set the song title.
BTS had also officially greeted Taeyeon while promoting the song. They were happy to meet the senior backstage at Music Bank. They also mentioned Taeyeon again as the person who made them confident in setting the song title on Twitter.

4. Baek Chan 8Eight

Baek Chan (twitter.com/BAEKCHAN_129)

Baek Chan shared his experience of meeting BTS on Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon radio show in 2020. They were at the same agency, as 8Eight debuted at Big Hit Entertainment in 2007. He claimed not to be close to BTS, but had met when the members were still trainees. 
The meeting took place when BTS became background dancers for 8Eight’s concert before debut. He could see the members eagerly practicing in the basement rehearsal room at the time. Jimin even asked her how to do falsetto correctly. Similarly, V asked for advice on high notes.
Baek Chan told them all the things they wanted to know. He was also proud that BTS was so cool and successful after their debut. He also described his juniors as a group that created cool things as musicians.
BTS deserves a favor for their efforts in being friendly to everyone they meet. Some of the senior artists above don’t mind doing so either, seeing BTS as the friendly to cool juniors that they are.

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