5 Criminal Cases in Kdrama Castaway Diva, There is Identity Theft

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What will happen to Kang Bo Geol’s family next?

Castaway Diva drama trailer (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

Castaway Diva (2023) is a tvN drama that tells the story of Seo Mok Ha (Park Eun Bin), a girl who dreams of becoming a singer. However, she was stranded on a small island for 15 years until finally rescued by Kang Bo Geol (Chae Jong Hyeop) and Kang Woo Hak (Cha Hak Yeon). Seo Mok Ha can finally pursue his dreams again. 

In addition to telling the story of the music industry, there are several criminal cases that are raised and become conflict stories experienced by the characters. This makes the storyline even more exciting and interesting. What are the criminal cases in the drama?

1. Domestic violence case committed by Seo Jung Ho to Seo Mok Ha

Castaway Diva drama trailer (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

Seo Jung Ho. The reason for this is because of his father’s difficult life as a child. He also got into fights with non-paying customers when he was a fisherman and was beaten up. Because Seo Jung Ho was always drunk and took out his frustration on Seo Mok Ha. 
Although Seo Mok Ha always ran away and reported the police, her father often escaped the law on the grounds that he did it to teach his son a lesson. Until then the case did not continue because his father died at sea while chasing Seo Mok Ha. 

2. Jung Bong Wan’s domestic violence case against his own family

Castaway Diva drama trailer (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

Not only Seo Mok Ha, Jung Ki Ho also experienced the same thing. He often gets violence from his father when he intends to run away to Seoul to meet his mother. 
Apparently, the reason for his existence on Chunsam Island was because his father was transferred to the place. But at that time, his mother was forced not to come because his brother, Jung Chae Ho was in the hospital and was unconscious after being beaten by his father, Jung Bo Hwan.
It’s just that Jung Bo Hwan’s domestic violence case against his family cannot be continued because the validity period of domestic violence cases in Korea is only valid for about 5 years. While at that time Jung Ki Ho, his mother and brother had fled for 15 years.

3. Identity theft of a family member who went missing 20 years ago

Castaway Diva drama trailer (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

After Jung Ki Ho, his mother and brother escaped from Jung Bong Wan’s pursuit, they were then helped by a man who worked as a civil servant who is now his stepfather, Kang Sang Doo, to change their identities. After that they were finally able to live quietly for 15 years with a new identity. 
However, the appearance of Jung Bong Wan again made the situation chaotic. Their identity must also be revealed and is now threatened with criminal punishment for falsifying and using the identity of a missing family. 

4. Seo Mok Ha reports Jung Bong Wan as a stalker

Castaway Diva drama trailer (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

In order to find Jung Ki Ho’s whereabouts, Jung Bo Hwan did various ways. One of them is by using the information he got from Kang Woo Hak’s ID that was given to a restaurant owner while on Chunsam Island.
Because Kang Woo Hak came together with Seo Mok Ha, the restaurant owner then gave information to Jung Bong Wan. Jung Bong Wan then made a way to trap Seo Mok Ha by sending a bucket of flowers to Kang Woo Hak’s office intended for Se Mok Ha.  
At that time Seo Mok Ha was trapped, but she was able to escape. However, after that, Jung Bong Wan returned to look for Seo Mok Ha to the place where she performed singing to make Seo Mok Ha flee out of town.
Until finally when Jung Bong Wan came to Kang Bo Geol’s family home, Seo Mok Ha then reported him to the police as a stalker and the police gave a warning that if Jung Bong Wan repeated it again, then he would be arrested by the police. 

5. The accident of Seo Mok Ha’s best friend, the mysterious Han Dae Woong

Castaway Diva drama trailer (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

Han Dae Woong is Seo Mok Ha and Jung Ki Ho’s best friend who now works in the insurance department. At that time he often met Jung Bong Wan because he was making insurance for Jung Ki Ho.  
However, after that suddenly Han Dae Woong was hospitalized due to a car accident that was allegedly caused by a wasp. But after an investigation, a policeman said that there was someone who had caused the accident.
Plus, Kang Woo Hak, who was a reporter in the case at the time, found a blackbox camera. In the camera that displays a man suspected of damaging Han Dae Wong’s car parts causing him an accident. 
That’s the lineup of criminal cases that appear in the Korean drama Castaway Diva (2023). For those who want to watch it, the drama can be watched on tvN.

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