6 Characters Who Conflict with Yoon Ran Joo in Castaway Diva

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Ran Joo faces many conflicts because of her attitude

Kim Hyo Jin in Castaway Diva (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

Yoon Ran Joo (Kim Hyo Jin) in Castaway Diva used to be a diva whose songs were hits. Now she is at her lowest point because she lost her singing ability. Not only that, she is also in conflict with Lee Seo Jun (Kim Joo Hun) who is the CEO of RJ Entertainment.

Not only Seo Jun, Ran Joo is also in conflict with several other characters in Castaway Diva. Who are they? Keep scrolling to read the review!

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

1. Lee Seo Jun

Kim Joo Hun in Castaway Diva (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Lee Seo Jun is the CEO of the RJ Entertainment agency. He used to work as Ran Joo’s manager. When the artist’s contract with her previous agency was about to expire, Seo Jun said he was interested in starting an agency. He capitalized on Ran Joo’s popularity and made her his first artist. With the collaboration between the former manager and the then-popular Ran Joo, RJ Entertainment became a major agency.
Now Seo Jun is in conflict with Ran Joo. He often gives trivial work to Ran Joo. He also seemed to disrespect the artist. To top it off, he prevented Ran Joo from selling her album by withdrawing the album from circulation. Not only that, he also tried to prevent Ran Joo’s old agency from selling the album.
This was allegedly due to Seo Jun and Ran Joo’s agreement before the agency was established. Seo Jun promised to give half of RJ Entertainment’s shares if Ran Joo managed to sell 20 million albums.
In addition to the share issue, the two people also seem to have had a romance in the past. However, it is still not shown when and what caused the relationship to end.

2. Eun Mo Rae

Bae Gang Hee in Castaway Diva (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

Eun Mo Rae (Bae Gang Hee) used to be Ran Joo’s protégé. If in the past Ran Joo was called a diva, now that position is held by Mo Rae. Mo Rae is in her prime and has a strong fan base.
The conflict between Mo Rae and Ran Joo stems from a fan contest in the past. Mo Rae found out that she was actually the second place winner. She was also touted as a replacement for the first place winner who couldn’t attend. Ran Joo seemed to favor the first champion and often regretted not being able to meet the first champion. Seeing Ran Joo’s attitude, Mo Rae felt that her talent was not appreciated and at any time her career could be destroyed.
She was even more disturbed after Ran Joo met the first place winner, Seo Mok Ha (Park Eun Bin). She was afraid that people would find out about her and Mok Ha’s past and start comparing the two of them. Even so, it seems that the conflict between Mo Rae and Ran Joo is over after the two meet again at an event.

3. Hwang Byung Gak

Song Kyung Cheol in Castaway Diva (doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

Hwang Byung Gak (Song Kyung Cheol) is the CEO of Sugar Entertainment agency. He was the one who discovered Ran Joo’s talent and debuted her. When he was a music teacher, he was fascinated by Ran Joo’s voice. Since then, Byung Gak risked his life to make his student famous.
Byung Gak really risked everything. He had to divorce from his wife and live alone. The conflict between Byung Gak and Ran Joo continued until finally he also had to lose the artist when the contract ended.
In the present, the two meet again at Byung Gak’s daughter’s wedding. Their relationship began to improve when Ran Joo was willing to sing at the wedding.

4. Hong Yeon Kyeong

Kim Bo Jung (instagram.com/soonie14)

Hong Yeon Kyeong (Kim Bo Jung) is the main producer of the music show Berjaya Lagi. She used to be Ran Joo’s anti-fan. She disliked Ran Joo’s arrogant attitude and often demanded many things when she was a guest at work. In the present, they are forced to meet again because of work.

5. Seo Mok Ha

Park Eun Bin in Castaway Diva (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

Seo Mok Ha is Ran Joo’s loyal fan. Not only that, he was also the first winner of the fan contest and got the opportunity to debut with Ran Joo’s help. He was only able to see Ran Joo again after 15 years because he was stranded on a desert island. She now works as Ran Joo’s manager.
After successfully singing on the Berjaya Lagi show, many agencies contacted Mok Ha. Even so, Mok Ha seemed reluctant to leave Ran Joo who was having problems with his agency. As a result, a disappointed Ran Joo chose to stay away and silence Mok Ha.

6. Park Yong Gwan

Shin Joo Hyup in Castaway Diva (doc. tvN/Castaway Diva)

Park Yong Gwan (Shin Joo Hyup) is Mo Rae’s manager. Unexpectedly, he turned out to be a former singer who had been educated by Ran Joo. Unfortunately, Yong Gwan gave up quickly because he felt his achievements were unsatisfactory.
He made Ran Joo who supported him to finance his debut album disappointed. The second relationship was not very good.
Yoon Ran Joo is in conflict over stock issues with the CEO of her agency. Not only that, he also conflicted with several other people from the entertainment industry. I wonder how Ran Joo will solve her problems? Watch the full story on Castaway Diva!

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