9 Kdrama That Will Air in December 2023

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Suitable for year-end viewing, here

poster drama Welcome to Samdalri | poster drama Maestra: Strings of Truth (instagram.com/jtbcdrama | instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Korean dramas are always an interesting choice to watch and become entertainment for its lovers. Especially towards the end of the year, there are more and more exciting drakor titles to follow. The cast lineup is promising, plus the storyline is always exciting and promising.

There are already many upcoming dramas that air in December 2023. These dramas will accompany your year-end to be more fun. Curious about the upcoming drakor titles that air in December 2023? Check out the list below, let’s go!

1. Maestra: Strings of Truth presents a music-thriller genre that will reveal the life and secrets of an orchestra conductor.

poster drama Maestra: Strings of Truth (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

2. The sweet romance of childhood friends who meet again in the Welcome to Samdal-ri kdrama is a must-see for you.

Welcome to Samdalri drama poster (instagram.com/jtbcdrama)

3. The life of the genius wrestler on Like Flowers in Sand has changed drastically, and he has decided to retire early.

drama poster Like Flowers in Sand (instagram.com/channel.ena.d)

4. My Happy End presents a story of a woman’s ambition to succeed because of a dark past

My Happy End drama poster (instagram.com/tvchosuninsta)

5. What happens when ex-lovers meet again? Watch the story in Disney Soundtrack #2’s original drama.

Soundtrack No.2 drama poster (instagram.com/disneypluskr)

6. Webtoon adaptation, Death’s Game tells the story of a man who has to experience death 13 times in different lives.

poster drama Death’s Game (instagram.com/tving.official)

7. After the success of the first season, Sweet Home 2 continues the adventures of apartment dwellers who survived a monster attack.

Sweet Home 2 drama poster (instagram.com/netflixkr)

8. Night Has Come is a mystery thriller about a group of students trapped in a deadly game.

Night Has Come drama poster (instagram.com/uplus_mobiletv)

9. Gyeongseong Creature tells the story of a group of people who must survive to fight the horrible creatures.

still cuts drama Gyeongseong Creature (instagram.com/netflixkr)

Upcoming drakor that airs in December 2023 comes in a variety of genres that are hard to miss. From romcoms to thrillers, everything is exciting and you must follow. So, which title are you most looking forward to?

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