Sweet Home 2 and 3 Will be Song Kang’s last Dramas Before his Conscription.

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However, the exact date of Song Kang’s enlistment has yet to be confirmed

Song Kang (Instagram.com/netflixkr)

Song Kang is currently stealing the show thanks to his comeback in My Demon (2023). Meanwhile, his latest drama Sweet Home 2 will air on Friday (12/1/2023).

During a press conference, Song Kang confirmed that the Netflix-directed drama will be his last project before conscription. Then, when exactly is Song Kang serving in the military, huh? Find out more here!

1. Song Kang confirms Sweet Home 2 and 3 will be his last dramas before Conscription

Still from the Korean drama Sweet Home 2 (Instagram.com/netflixkr)

During a press conference held on Thursday (11/30/2023), one of the media asked about the possibility that Sweet Home 2 (2023) and Sweet Home 3 (2024) would be Song Kang’s last projects before conscription. The cute-faced artist also answered and confirmed that he would soon be military service after the Sweet Home project was completed.

“Yes, it’s true. Yes, it is something that is my responsibility. So, I want to fulfill my obligation to join the military. And I will return in good health,” confirmed Song Kang.

On the other hand, Song Kang said that Sweet Home 2 (2023) and Sweet Home 3 (2024) are not just the last dramas before conscription. But the meaning of this drama is more than that.

“It’s not just about (Sweet Home 2 and 3) being my last drama before conscription. But rather Sweet Home is the drama that made me who I am today. So (this drama) has a special place in my heart,” he concluded.

2. Before his military service, Song Kang will star in a total of 3 dramas

Song Kang (Instagram.com/netflixkr)

As is known, Song Kang last made a comeback in 2022 through the drama Forecasting Love and Weather. While this year, Song Kang will accompany fans with two new dramas.

The drama My Demon released its first two episodes last week. Meanwhile, the drama Sweet Home 2 will air on Friday (12/1/2023) on Netflix. Then, Sweet Home 3 will air in 2024.

If there is no addition, then before conscription, Song Kang will star in 3 kdrama projects. Hopefully it can treat fans’ longing before being left on state duty.

3. Song Kang has not confirmed the exact schedule he left for conscription

Song Kang (Instagram.com/netflixkr)

Until this article is released, there has been no official confirmation or statement from the agency or Song Kang himself about when the artist’s exact schedule will be conscripted. During the press conference this morning, he also did not explain in more detail about his wamil schedule. 

Will Song Kang still be able to join the press conference when Sweet Home 3 airs in 2024? Or is he already in the military?

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