‘BSJ’ Kim Yeon-su, Hive Japan… “Seventeen’s Father & Team Leader”

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‘Pledis’ Vice President Kim Yeon-soo will also be in charge of ‘Hive Labels Japan’. He plans to lead Seventeen in Korea and ‘&TEAM’ in Japan.

Photo provided by Pledis Entertainment

According to Hive Labels Japan, Vice President Kim Yeon-soo took office as GM (General Manager) of Hive Labels Japan on the 1st.

GM Yeonsu Kim joined Pledis in 2012. He is known as ‘Seventeen’s father’ for preparing and debuting ‘Seventeen’. He also played a big role in the contract renewal process.

He is called ‘BSJ’ by his fans. It means vice president. He led Seventeen’s advancement to Japan and made them the most popular K-pop star in Japan.

GM Kim Yeon-soo said, “It’s been a year since &TEAM debuted,” and added, “I’m honored and excited to play a big role in leading Hive Labels Japan to a new stage.”

He then expressed his determination by saying, “I will use the knowledge I have accumulated in the Japanese and Korean entertainment industries to help artists from Japan play a global role.”

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