Jimin Obtained US ‘Platinum’ Certification… “Like Crazy, Still Hot”

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‘BTS’ Jimin has achieved another milestone with his first solo album.

Photo provided by Big Hit Music

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Jimin received a ‘Platinum’ certification with the title track ‘Like Crazy’ from his first solo album ‘FACE’ on the 1st (local time).

The RIAA awards certifications based on digital single and album sales by dividing them into Gold (500,000 units or more), Platinum (1 million units or more), Multi-Platinum (2 million units or more), and Diamond (10 million units or more).

The unit calculation is done by considering album sales (physical/digital), digital downloads, audio and video streaming, etc.

‘Like Crazy’ is a synth pop genre song. Jimin’s sad tone contrasts with the strong synth and drum sounds. His sweet voice is very impressive.

Photo provided by Big Hit Music

Jimin participated directly in the song. It was inspired by the movie ‘Like Crazy’. It was a song about the emotions of running away to forget the painful wounds after a breakup.

He set various records with his first solo album. ‘Face’ sold over 1 million copies on its first day of release. It became the first K-pop solo artist album to sell millions on the first day of its release.

The title track ‘Like Crazy’ was also very popular. Upon its release, it ranked first on the iTunes ‘Top Songs’ chart in 111 countries/regions around the world. This shows its unparalleled popularity.

The song reached the top spot on the main US Billboard ‘Hot 100’ chart (as of April 8) soon after its entry. She set a milestone by becoming the first Korean solo artist to reach #1 on the ‘Hot 100’.

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