Castaway Diva Kdrama Ending Explained, Happy Ending?

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Seo Mok Ha finally becomes a singer

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

Castaway Diva aired its final episode on Sunday (3/12/2023) on tvN and Netflix. The drama ends with a total of 12 episodes and presents a happy ending.

Finally Seo Mok Ha’s dream of becoming a singer was achieved. In addition, the Kang family who has turned into Lee can live quietly. Check out the ending explanation of Castaway Diva (2023)!

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. Jung Bong Wan passed away by suicide

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

Jung Bong Wan (Lee Seung Joon) is found guilty of the wrong he did. After receiving a letter from the prosecutor’s office with a possible verdict on his sentence, Jung Bong Wan harms Lee Uk (Lee Joong Ok).

At first, Jung Bong Wan wanted to kill Lee Uk so that his wife and children would still bear the name Jung. Therefore, he decided to commit suicide before being divorced.

Luckily Lee Uk survived, and was able to rebuild his family with Yang Jae Kyung (Seo Jung Yeon). Meanwhile, Jung Bong Wan’s ashes were not recognized by his wife and children.

2. Kang’s family cannot be punished, but they have to live with their old identity

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

On the other hand, the Kang family was acquitted of identity theft charges due to lack of evidence. With new names, Lee Uk and Yang Jae Kyung took professional tests, as well as a business license for their salon. The two also registered for marriage under their old identities.

Meanwhile, Lee Ki Ho (Chae Jong Hyeop) and Lee Chae Ho (Cha Hak Yeon) returned to work at YGN. They even returned to their original positions, only with new identities.

3. Seo Mok Ha became a successful singer and even held a solo concert

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

Seo Mok Ha (Park Eun Bin) successfully debuted under the RJ Entertainment agency. His relationship with Eun Mo Rae (Bae Gang Hee) is also getting better. They even agreed to exchange songs as suggested by Chairman Lee Seo Jun (Kim Joo Hun).

Thanks to the song “Fly Away”, Seo Mok Ha won a number of awards as a newcomer. In fact, she managed to make a solo concert at the end of episode 12. Meanwhile, Lee Ki Ho became a producer at Seo Mok Ha 1st Concert.

On the other hand, Park Yong Gwan (Shin Joo Hyup), who initially disliked Seo Mok Ha, turned to support her. Park Yong Gwan specifically asked Chairman Lee to move to Seo Mok Ha’s team and become her manager.

4. Lee Seo Jun remains the CEO of RJ Entertainment, and does not give shares to Yoon Ran Joo.

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

Lee Seo Jun promised that if Seo Mok Ha’s song didn’t make the charts, he would quit as the CEO of RJ Entertainment and hand over some of the shares to Yoon Ran Joo (Kim Hyo Jin). With Seo Mok Ha’s success, it looks like Chairman Lee will remain the CEO of RJ Entertainment.

On the other hand, Yoon Ran Joo may no longer collect RJ Entertainment shares. What’s more, Yoon Ran Joo knows that the reason she can’t get shares faster is because of her mother, Ko San Hee (Moon Sook).

All this time, Ko San Hee did not want Yoon Ran Joo to become the president of the agency. She wants her daughter to remain a singer. If you look at the last episode, it is likely that Yoon Ran Joo will focus on becoming a producer. Because Eun Mo Rae (Bae Gang Hee) and Seo Mok Ha’s songs that she produced topped the charts.

5. Seo Mok Ha is dating Lee Ki Ho, while she considers Lee Chae Ho as her own brother.

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

Seo Mok Ha decided to accept Lee Ki Ho and they are officially dating. Although she has been given an apartment, it looks like Seo Mok Ha is returning to Lee Ki Ho’s house. Moreover, the Lee Family has been proven innocent.

The proof that they live together again is that Seo Mok Ha’s trophies are displayed at Lee Ki Ho’s house, not his apartment. In the last scene, Seo Mok Ha even had breakfast with Lee Ki Ho’s family in casual clothes.

Meanwhile, Lee Chae Ho decided to resign and consider Seo Mok Ha as his best friend. In fact, Seo Mok Ha hopes that Lee Chae Ho can become his brother. But Lee Chae Ho refused Seo Mok Ha’s request.

Some viewers claim to be satisfied with the happy ending. Are you satisfied with the ending of Castaway Diva (2023)?

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