Is Seo Mok Ha Really More Talented than Eun Mo Rae in Castaway Diva?

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Rivals since they were teenagers!

Castaway Diva trailer (Doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

One of the conflicts that makes the drama Castaway Diva more interesting is the competition between two talented singers, Seo Mok Ha (Park Eun Bin) and Eun Mo Rae (Bae Gang Hee). Eun Mo Rae successfully became a famous singer after replacing Seo Mok Ha in a fan video contest when she was in middle school.

However, their rivalry continued when Seo Mok Ha left the desert island and returned to pursue his dream as a singer. This makes Eun Mo Rae wary because Seo Mok Ha’s singing skills are always praised. Is Seo Mok Ha really more talented than Eun Mo Rae? Let’s see the following explanation!

1. The beginning of Seo Mok Ha and Eun Mo Rae’s rivalry

Castaway Diva trailer (Doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

The rivalry between them started when they participated in a fan video content in 2008. Seo Mok Ha was initially the strongest candidate to win the competition. She managed to make Yoon Ran Joo (Kim Hyo Jin) fall in love with his voice. So she was invited to meet in Seoul.

Unfortunately, Seo Mok Ha’s escape trip to Seoul stranded her on an uninhabited island. Therefore, her position was replaced by Eun Mo Rae, the most alluring contestant according to Lee Seo Joon (Kim Joo Heon). For 15 years, Eun Mo Rae successfully pioneered her career to become a diva in South Korea.

2. Seo Mok Ha’s return amidst Eun Mo Rae’s high popularity

Castaway Diva trailer (Doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

After Seo Mok Ha made it out of the uninhabited island, she did various ways to realize her dream as a singer. Not in vain, she finally got the chance to be on stage. She showed his beautiful voice to the world.

But Seo Mok Ha’s success made Eun Mo Rae upset. Eun Mo Rae has always been compared to the name Seo Mok Ha who has a greater talent than her. Yoon Ran Joo’s treatment that seemed insincere in guiding her also made Eun Mo Rae not accept Seo Mok Ha’s presence.

3. Who is more talented between Seo Mok Ha and Eun Mo Rae?

Castaway Diva trailer (Doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

On episode 7, Seo Mok Ha and Eun Mo Rae finally appeared together on Berjaya Lagi. They were both pitted to show whose voice the audience was most interested in. Seo Mok Ha performed with confidence and gratitude. Eun Mo Rae, on the other hand, started with worry and annoyance.

With that, Seo Mok Ha won this event with a very fierce vote. In doing so, Seo Mok Ha proved his talent to Eun Mo Rae and the world. He also became proof that relentless struggle will eventually have a beautiful story.

4. What happened to Eun Mo Rae?

Castaway Diva trailer (Doc. Netflix/Castaway Diva)

After accepting her failure, Eun Mo Rae proved that she is still a star. There are still many fans who faithfully support her and believe in her talent. This is one of the things that Eun Mo Rae finally realized and was grateful for.

All this time, she was always based on Yoon Ran Joo’s confession who did not admit it. But her 15-year struggle is proof of her talent and hard work as a singer loved by fans. So Eun Mo Rae can certainly always shine with all the potential she has.

From Eun Mo Rae and Seo Mok Ha’s rivalry, we realize that hatred is the beginning of the destruction of the struggle we have been through. Hate makes us forget what we have and who is always by our side. So don’t regret it at the end!

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