Jungkook, Golden Collaboration with Usher… ‘Standing Next to You’ Remix Announced

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Jungkook ‘BTS’ and American pop star Usher meet.

Photo source=Big Hit Music

Jungkook released a remix of the title track ‘Standing Next to You’ from his solo album ‘Golden’ on music sites worldwide on the 1st at 2pm.

Usher participated in performing this remix. He is referred to as the emperor of R&B. A soft sensibility is added to the energetic atmosphere of the original song. 

Usher reveals his presence with his sweet and addictive voice. Jungkook’s strong and charming voice and perfect vocal synergy captivated our ears.

Starting with ‘Seven’ released last July, Jungkook created a sensation in the global music market with ‘3D’ and ‘Golden’. He revealed his presence through collaborations with Usher, Justin Timberlake, etc.

Meanwhile, Jungkook is scheduled for military service in December. The process of fulfilling military service obligations has begun. Starting next month, I will be fulfilling my national defense duties as an active soldier.

Photo source=Big Hit Music

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