NMIXX, ‘Sonyar’ MV Teaser… “I Fell in Love with its Mysterious Charm”

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Nmixx started warming up for their comeback in earnest.

Photo provided by JYP Entertainment

At midnight on the 2nd, Nmixx released a portion of the digital single ‘Sonar (Breaker)’ and a music video teaser for the 2nd mini album ‘F.3.4: Break’.

The sensual rhythm and beautiful melody captivated my ears. The flowing lyrics against the backdrop of vast nature portrayed the majestic atmosphere of the song.

The music video teaser is also strong. The members attract attention with their piercing eyes. The flowing composition of the new song along with the strong singing of “N-mixx” stands out.

Photo provided by JYP Entertainment

The name of the new album ‘F.E3IOPO’ is a chemical symbol for magnetic materials. ‘Sonar’ means ‘to dream’. Nmix is expected to present a unique worldview and music.

Global performance is expected. Nmixx entered the US Billboard main album chart ‘Billboard 200’ for the first time with the mini album ‘Expergo’ released in March. 

They also held their first solo showcase tour. In May and June, 14 shows in 13 regions of the world were successfully completed. We are further expanding our global presence. 

Meanwhile, Nmixx will pre-release the digital single ‘Sonar’ on various music sites on the 4th at 6pm. The release date of the new album ‘F3O4’ is January 15 next year.

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