Story of Kazuha LE SSERAFIM Who Debuted Without a Trainee Process, How Come?

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Before her debut Kazuha was a professional ballerina


It is common knowledge that Kazuha first became a professional and accomplished ballerina before debuting with LE SSERAFIM. Her talent and professionalism in her current career have been nurtured a lot since then.

Through the Zach Sang Show radio program, Kazuha LE SSERAFIM also shared how this experience led her to debut as an idol without having to undergo a trainee period. As explained in the description below!

1. Kazuha didn’t go through the trainee process like most KPop idols.


Through a radio program hosted by Zach Sang, LE SSERAFIM’s five members Sakura, Chae-won, Yun-jin, Kazuha, and Eun-chae share their career journey, trainee process, and what kind of dreams they want to achieve as an idol. Kazuha has a different answer, she wants to be an idol who is famous for her performance on stage. Because he doesn’t have a trainee history like most idols.
When she first joined Source Music, Kazuha came with the talent of an already professional and accomplished ballerina. Even at the same time, he was immediately included as LE SSERAFIM’s debut line-up and only practiced for six months with other members in preparation for debut.

2. Her vast experience was one of the factors she debuted with LE SSERAFIM


His career before with LE SSERAFIM was one of the factors why Kazuha did not undergo a trainee period. In fact, this is a new history created by his agency, HYBE. Just by proving Kazuha’s years of career experience, HYBE firmly included her as the debut lineup without having to follow the trainee period.
As a ballerina, Kazuha first underwent a long period of training in the Netherlands. Through her interview with Elle Korea magazine in 2022, she also mentioned that since childhood she has had a desire to perform in front of the public. In fact, the cheers of the audience were one of her childhood dreams. 
There is no particular reason why she changed her career path from a ballerina to a KPop idol. According to her, her flexible and ambitious attitude has led her to have a variety of careers. She really likes that.

3. LE SSERAFIM’s member chemistry is the key to its debut success


Despite coming as a talented and professional person, the South Korean entertainment industry remains unfamiliar to her. In addition to the trust given by the company, LE SSERAFIM members are also the key to why he was able to debut without having to get various challenges. In fact, when she first arrived in South Korea, she kept crying because she was always nervous about her new career. However, the warmth given by the coach and LE SSERAFIM members managed to make him re-confident to leave her old career.
This statement was also emphasized in an interview with Marie Claire magazine in 2022. He mentioned that the experience of the members while in front of the camera was very important to her. In fact, this became a whip so that he could adjust faster.
Having a short trainee period may be common in this era. However, something more interesting happened to Kazuha LE SSERAFIM, she even did not follow the trainee process and could only utilize six months of training with the members for debut needs. What do you think?

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