5 Best Carpet Colors and Patterns Suggested by Designers for the Bedroom

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Improve aesthetics and comfort in the bedroom

carpet color inspiration in the bedroom (unsplash.com/Le Quan)

Intending to add a carpet to add charm to the bedroom? It turns out that determining the color to motif of the carpet for the bedroom also has its rules. Carpet is considered a practical decorative element that through its color, you can also determine other color schemes that will complement the bedroom.

Based on recommendations from interior designers, carpet colors are recommended to avoid too bright colors. So instead of going for bright colors that might be your favorite color, you should opt for natural colors. Even so, the natural colors you choose should also be familiar and still make you feel comfortable. As for motifs, you’re usually asked to avoid anything too complicated. For more information, here’s a selection of five recommendations for carpet colors and motifs according to interior designers!

1. Neutral

carpet color inspiration in the bedroom (unsplash.com/Le Quan)

Neutral colored carpets are always a safe bet for bedroom flooring. Not only are these soft colors easy to mix and match with a variety of room décor themes, but they are also timeless and will look trendy even if worn for years to come. Carpet colors like these can also naturally help you create a calm bedroom atmosphere.
When you decorate your bedroom with neutral colors, you can give the rest of the room a pop of your favorite colors. You also won’t feel limited with creative decorating ideas. Therefore, if you’re looking for a carpet to add a decorative texture to your bedroom, as well as a warm and cozy feeling on your feet, this neutral color carpet idea is the best choice.

2. Hues or deep colors

carpet color inspiration in the bedroom (unsplash.com/刘 强)

If you want to create a moody, yet cozy bedroom, choosing a deep or dark colored carpet can be an effective choice. These dark colors can create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. The color recommendations include dark burgundy, dark blue, or dark green. However, there is something you need to pay attention to when you want to choose these colors. 
These elegant dark colors tend to remain striking, for which you may get bored more quickly. So, try to choose dark colors that you think you’ll still love, even if you wear them for years to come. Make sure you consider carefully to avoid making any fatal mistakes, as they can be very costly.

3. Rich motifs

inspiration for carpet motifs in the bedroom (unsplash.com/Devon Janse van Rensburg)

If you have children and animals in your home, when choosing a patterned carpet you should choose a subtle pattern. Subtle or simple motifs are considered by designers to be more likely to cover dirt stains and have a longer lifespan. Here, you can still choose bold modern motifs or small flowers that create a more traditional bedroom style. These subtle motifs will work better when combined with decorative elements in the bedroom that tend to be simple.
On the other hand, make sure that you yourself will not feel bored with the carpet motif selection. Thus, its use will last longer. Unless you really want to invest in a particular motif, then buy a new one by selling the old one. In addition, still use this carpet motif so that it has a pop of color that complements other decorative elements in the bedroom.

4. Stripes

inspiration for carpet motifs in the bedroom (unsplash.com/Spacejoy)

Aside from simple rich carpets, another recommended choice for carpets is stripes. Andy Guard, Creative Director at Roger Oates Design, agrees that stripes are one motif that never goes out of style. Using a striped carpet also gives you the opportunity to play with perspective, giving the impression of a wider room.
If you’re looking to add a pattern to your bedroom, but don’t want to overdo it, stripes can always be a solution. Remember that a play on prints and textures can always offer practicality and appeal in any room. Choosing a rug with a striped pattern can be a way to liven up the decor in your bedroom.

5. Pastel

carpet color inspiration in the bedroom (pexels.com/Max Rahubovskiy)

Finally, pastel carpet colors can also be an option to create a soothing and relaxing bedroom atmosphere. If you like to try experimenting with color in the bedroom through the carpet, this pastel color option is more recommended than classic neutrals. In the bedroom, pastel colors are also popular, creating a cloud-like atmosphere.
There are many interesting colors that you can choose from this pastel color palette as well. Such as lilac, light yellow, soft pink, and sage green. Despite having colorful options, using a pastel carpet still allows you to play with various types of decorations. This is because the touch of color tends to be more subdued, compared to the striking bold colors.
The best carpet color for the bedroom is mainly the one that attracts you. As for long-lasting colors, neutral colors are the best choice. However, when applying these carpet colors, it is also important to match the other decorative elements in the room. The choice of carpet color can depend on the wallpaper, wall paint, and accessories in the bedroom. Ready to apply them now?

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