Will There be a Castaway Diva Season 2?

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Is 12 episodes enough?

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (Instagram.com/tvn_drama)

The final episode of Castaway Diva (2023) is already airing on tvN and Netflix. This drama presents a happy ending, and does not subvert the main character at all.

Although considered satisfying, the audience regrets that Castaway Diva (2023) only comes with 12 episodes. Then, will Castaway Diva (2023) have a season 2?

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. Castaway Diva’s ending is very clear

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (Instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Castaway Diva (2023) presents a happy ending for the main characters. In fact, this drama leaves no question marks or mysteries.

Seo Mok Ha (Park Eun Bin) successfully became a newcomer singer to hold a solo concert. The Kang family who changed their name to Lee can finally escape the terror of Jung Bong Wan (Lee Seung Joon).

As expected by the audience, Seo Mok Ha and Lee Ki Ho (Chae Jong Hyeop) become lovers. Meanwhile, Lee Chae Ho (Cha Hak Yeon) becomes a sad boy, but still supports his brother relationship.

2. Despite claiming the episodes were too few, the majority did not demand season 2

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (Instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Viewers regret that Castaway Diva (2023) only comes with a total of 12 episodes. Having an interesting storyline, Castaway Diva (2023) is considered too short.

Judging from the latest Instagram @tvn_drama uploads, viewers think the end of this drama is quite clear. Therefore, they did not aggressively ask for season 2.

Instead of season 2, the audience expects an extra part that discusses Lee Ki Ho and Seo Mok Ha’s romance. In addition, how Yoon Ran Joo’s (Kim Hyo Jin) career after Seo Mok Ha debuted is also a question.

3. There is no confirmation from tvN and the production team.

Still cut of Korean drama Castaway Diva (Instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Until this article was released, tvN and the Castaway Diva (2023) production team have not yet opened their voices about season 2. On the other hand, viewers praised Castaway Diva (2023) as one of the best dramas in 2023.

If there is a Castaway Diva season 2, viewers certainly expect a more interesting and complex story. Let’s just wait for the next news!

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