9 Instagram Accounts of Kdrama Marry My Husband Cast, There is Park Min Young

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Marry My Husband drama trailer (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Marry My Husband is a webtoon adaptation drama that airs on tvN channel. The drama tells the story of Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young), a cancer patient who was cheated on, then killed by her husband. Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) suddenly woke up in the past, precisely 10 years ago, while still dating her husband. 

This early year kdrama stars Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon, and a series of other artists. You can support the artists by following their Instagram accounts. Check them out below!

1. In this drama, Park Min Young (@rachel_mypark) plays Kang Ji Won, a cancer patient who is cheated on by her husband.

Park Min Young (instagram.com/rachel_mypark)

2. Na In Woo (@10042n00) plays Yoo Ji Hyeok, Kang Ji Won’s boss at U&K Food company.

Na In Woo (instagram.com/10042n00)

3. Lee Yi Kyung (@luvlk89) transforms into Park Min Hwan, Kang Ji Won’s husband. They have been dating since they worked at U&K Food company.

Lee Yi Kyung (instagram.com/luvlk89)

4. Meanwhile, Song Ha Yoon (@hayoonsong1202) plays Jung Soo Min. She is Kang Ji Won’s best friend who is Park Min Hwan’s mistress.

Song Ha Yoon (instagram.com/hayoonsong1202)

5. Kang Ji Won’s crush in high school, Baek Eun Ho, played by Lee Gi Kwang (@gttk0000)

Lee Gi Kwang (instagram.com/gttk0000)

6. Gong Min Jung (@greengreen_j) plays Yang Joo Ran, Kang Ji Won’s coworker. She becomes Kang Ji Won’s support system like a biological sister.

Gong Min Jung (instagram.com/greengreen_j)

7. Ha Do Kwon (@hadokwon2018) plays Lee Seok Joon, a U&K Food employee who has a crush on Yang Joo Ran.

Ha Do Kwon (instagram.com/hadokwon2018)

8. Choi Gyu Ri (@whysodurious) plays Yoo Hee Yeon, Kang Ji Won’s coworker. She is a smart and honest person

Choi Gyu Ri (instagram.com/whysodurious)

9. A regular supporting actor in webtoon adaptations, Jo Jin Se (@jinsecho) plays the character of Jo Dong Suk in this drama.

Jo Jin Se (instagram.com/jinsecho)

You must follow the Instagram accounts of the cast of Marry My Husband if you want to know their updates. Usually, they will upload the excitement of the drama filming process, you know. Have you watched the first episode of Marry My Husband?

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