Top 10 Best KPop Albums of 2023 by Billboard

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The top three positions are dominated by soloists!

Onew SHINee (

On Friday (12/29/2023), Billboard released a list of the 25 best KPop albums released in 2023. Not only does the music composition make it interesting, but each of them manages to show its own characteristics like a personal identity.

Not only that, Billboard also did not leave the characteristics of the South Korean music industry, one of which is the use of Korean as the main language in each song. Here’s a list of the top 10 best KPop albums of 2023 selected by Billboard!

10. Rank 10 is filled by ENHYPEN with the album ‘Orange Blood’ which since its release in November has achieved many achievements

9. The same goes for Stray Kids’ 5-STAR, which has been topping the charts with its powerful musical composition in recent times.

8. Not only based on the charts, Billboard’s best albums are also chosen based on unique musical concepts such as SUGA’s ‘D-Day’ album

7. The same thing is also found in (G)I-DLE’s ‘I Feel’ album. The social unrest displayed in the lyrics is very relatable to today’s life.

6. The next position is filled by Seventeen with the mini album ‘FML’. The discography presented, managed to describe their musical identity

5. Not much different from ATEEZ, even ‘The World EP.Fin’ became the first work with 12 songs and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

4. In addition to having a myriad of achievements, aespa’s mini album ‘My World’ sounds iconic, especially since one of the songs collaborates with Naevis

3. Among the pop genre songs, Woodz remains consistent with rock music. In fact, ‘OO-LI’ is included in the list of the best albums of 2023

2. Although it is a debut work, ‘Layover’ has succeeded in becoming a musical identity for V and providing a new color in the music industry.

1. The first position was achieved by Onew SHINee’s album ‘Circle’. His array of experience is a factor in the creation of this artistic musical work.

Reporting from the Billboard page, the selection of the 25 best KPop albums of 2023 is not only based on the chart achievements obtained throughout this year. However, it is summarized through the uniqueness of the concept raised, the production process, and how the work affects the listeners. Of the top 10 rankings, is there your favorite album?

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