3 Sad Destiny of KDrama Moon in the Day’s Couple, Sad!

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Do Ha’s feelings are not consumed by time

Moon in the Day kdrama trailer (twitter.com/channel_ENA)

Korean drama-style fantasy stories are not always sweet. The veil of mystery and the series of destinies that accompany the relationship of Do Ha (Kim Young Dae) and Han Ri Ta (Pyo Ye Jin) in Moon in the Day are also considered sad. However, no matter what happened in the past, their love is not eroded by time.

Do Ha in his time defended the kingdom of Silla and conquered the war against the forces of Gaya. From there he was later reunited with Han Ri Ta, the son of his enemy on the battlefield. They made love before death finally separated them.

From a short story, the story of the Moon in the Day couple already sounds sad. How is their destiny in the next life? Here’s the explanation.

1. A tragic story that lasted 1,500 years

Moon in the Day kdrama trailer (twitter.com/channel_ENA)

After being killed by his wife, Do Ha turned into an evil spirit who then haunted his wife’s incarnation, Han Ri Ta. It took 1,500 years until he met Kang Young Hwa, the 19th incarnation who could remember him.

Although Kang Young Hwa doesn’t remember exactly about his past life, he often gets clues in the form of dreams. In those dreams, he feels a strong bond with Do Ha, a man from the Silla dynasty who looks a lot like Han Jun O. The strangeness haunts his life.

The strangeness haunts Young Hwa’s life when Han Jun O, a famous celebrity, suddenly becomes obsessed with he after rising from the dead. Who would have thought, after Han Jun O’s death, the man’s body was destined to be occupied by Do Ha.

2. The grudge that overshadows Do Ha and Ri Ta’s relationship

Moon in the Day kdrama trailer (twitter.com/channel_ENA)

Do Ha did whatever it took to return the favor to his adoptive father. However, this backfired on Do Ha who was used for political gain. To end the war, he ended up killing General Gaya, his family, and his followers.

Although he had killed countless people, Do Ha secretly blamed himself for having no other choice. He met Han Ri Ta, the escaped daughter of General Gaya, and took her in as a servant at his residence.

They got married under threat from Do Ha’s father, as Han Ri Ta’s identity was revealed. Ri Ta initially wanted to kill Do Ha, but then let him live a life of suffering. Over time, they could not deny their feelings for each other.

3. Do Ha only has one month to kill Kang Young Hwa

Moon in the Day kdrama trailer (twitter.com/channel_ENA)

In Han Jun O’s body, Do Ha plans to kill Kang Young Hwa once he finds out why she was killed in the past. Although it all sounds easy, he can’t kill her for nothing. 

In addition to Kang Young Hwa having an amulet that protects her, Do Ha also started to get emotionally involved. He often worries about Young Hwa when she’s in danger. They are now questioning what their relationship would be like if their past changed.

Even with 1,500 years under his belt, the one month he has left may not be easy for him. Aside from his rekindled feelings, his life depends on Kang Young Hwa. Meanwhile, another evil spirit secretly wants to harm them.

Although thousands of years have passed, the Moon in the Day couple is back together with an equally miserable fate. In fact, now they still have to face the same obstacles in a different era.

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