4 Ideas to Update Entryway Appearance Without Having to Spend Big Money

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Simply get creative using existing objects

entryway decor inspiration (unsplash.com/Zac Gudakov)

Welcoming the new year 2024, the holiday season might be the perfect time for you to clean up and update your home decor to make it fresh. One of the most important rooms to update is the entryway. Although it is often forgotten, the entryway is an important area that must be considered when entering a home. For that reason, you can update the appeal of this entryway decoration as a reflection of the main focus when guests enter your home.

Providing a new decor atmosphere in the entryway can be much easier than you think. You don’t always have to buy new items to spend a lot of money to add design details in this area. In fact, simply utilizing the objects that you currently have in your home is enough to update the look of the entryway. Don’t believe it? Follow these tips to decorate your entryway without spending a fortune, as explained in the following article!

1. Do a thorough decluttering

entryway decoration inspiration (pexels.com/Curtis Adams)

Sounds very simple and common, right? But believe me, by cleaning the entryway area thoroughly, the atmosphere of this area will also look fresher. Moreover, this entryway area is usually the most neglected to be cleaned deeply. Considering that it is more often considered as a passing area. While you are doing the cleaning, you can also rearrange the objects in the entryway. You might find a new layout that is more eye-catching.

Deep cleaning your entryway also means you can get rid of unused items. It could be that your entryway is already so crowded that it no longer looks aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, get rid of unused shoes that have been placed in the area for a long time. Discard unnecessary objects that are not actually in the entryway where they belong. Finally, you can add a new touch by taking artwork from other rooms in the house.

2. Change the lamp decoration

entryway decoration inspiration (unsplash.com/Spacejoy)

Furthermore, you can also change the lighting decoration in the entryway. For example, replace the table lamp on the console table with a standing lamp in the living room. Rearranging the type of lighting in the entryway can help create a new atmosphere without spending money. Next, you can replace the console table with a vase of flowers and add branches from wild plants around the house. 

Although it may seem small, the arrangement given from changing the lighting in the entryway can have a big impact. You can also change the tone or color of the lights. For example, swap the color of bright white lights with yellow colors that display a warm impression. You can also change the window curtains nearby, which were previously sliding window blinds, to floor-length curtains from an unused bedroom. So that more natural light enters.

3. Add natural elements from flowers and greenery

entryway decoration inspiration (pexels.com/House Method)

You can also utilize fresh plants to bring in a natural ambience in the entryway. You don’t have to buy them from expensive stores. You can learn to make flower arrangements, twigs, and greenery taken from wild plants around the house. You can use flower vases from the family room or dining room to be placed in this entryway to add an elegant impression. Adding this natural element also makes the atmosphere more vibrant when going or returning home.

In addition to plants, you can also decorate empty jars by filling them with dried flowers, cypress seeds, or shells that you find when traveling to the beach during your vacation. Most importantly, create a festive atmosphere of cheap decorations from whatever you find in the wild. At the same time, give your modern home an earthy touch.

4. Create a decor using a collection of books

entryway decoration inspiration (unsplash.com/Collov Home Design)

Instead of a console table, you might be able to create a new attraction in the entryway using existing shelves in other rooms. If you have a collection of books, decorating the shelves with a few books and a collection of decorative display elements can also be a good idea. Decorating with books is a very creative idea, as books themselves often show character.

From the aesthetic cover, to showing what kind of person the householder is, it can open up more conversations. Besides using shelves to store your book collection, you can also add book decorations to console tables, coffee tables, or storage cabinets in the entryway. Books are a simple way to incorporate more color in decorating a room.

As it turns out, giving a new interior design touch to your home doesn’t always cost a lot of money, even if you can utilize and be creative with what you already have and utilize your surroundings, you can already give a new atmosphere. In addition to the four tips above, you can also simply shift the location of furniture in the entryway. Turn a console table into a storage cabinet, replace a shoe rack with a throw bag. Interested in trying to implement them?

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