7 Color Trends for 2024 that are Predicted to be Popular, What are They?

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Tone is warmer and calmer

color palette illustration (pixabay.com/Rollstein)

As the turn of the year approaches, color trends become one of the most interesting discussions. Especially in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

By knowing the color trends of 2024, you can mix and match your clothes to be in tune with the latest fashion trends. On the other hand, color is also an important element in home decoration.

Color trends 2024 can be applied to the interior so that the feel of the house feels new and not boring. So, what are the 2024 color trends? Just check the full information below, yes!

1. Blue with dark tones

blue color illustration (unplash.com/Antoine Rault)

The 2024 color trend will be dominated by blue. Reported by Veranda, the color next year will lead to more aquatic colors such as cool and calm blue. Not ordinary blue, the blue color that is predicted to be a trend is dark blue with purple shades. 
This slightly purple blue color is called Blue Nova. The color seems to depict a passion for adventure and insight. This color is inspired by new stars forming in space.

2. Red and pink

illustration of a pink chair (pexels.com/Max Rahubovskiy)

Grey is not expected to be a trending color in 2024. The neutral color will be replaced with more vibrant reds and pinks. Arguably, pink tones are more earthy and evoke calmness.
Meanwhile, the popularity of red is increasing. Identified with romance, red is a reminder of the importance of shared moments with loved ones.
Brilliant reds and pinks will be the main attraction. If the previous year cold colors such as gray prevailed, next year is the time for warm colors to become the prima donna.

3. Green earth

green color illustration (pexels.com/Andrew Neel)

It looks like the 2024 color trend is still nuanced in earth colors, such as green. This natural color is predicted to remain in favor.
Earthy green has a calm and serene feel like the dominating color trend in 2024. Not only calmness, this color also depicts elegance. 

4. Purple

purple color illustration (pexels.com/Shemone)

For some people, purple is a color that stands out too much. However, purple is a 2024 color trend that is starting to become a favorite. Moreover, purple with a more muted tone or not too flashy. 
This purple color gives a calm and graceful feel. This is in line with next year’s color trends which are predicted to be identical to calm colors.
On the other hand, purple goes very well with other colors like blue and pink. The perfect combination!

5. Dark brown

illustration of a yellow house (pexels.com/Andrea Davis)

In addition to blue and earth green, colors with dark tones also still dominate the 2024 color trends. Black and dark brown are predicted to be in the coveted color category next year.
Although they tend to be dark, these two colors provide an elegant combination. A house painted with these colors will look warm.
The two colors are also predicted to be very suitable to balance bright colors such as pink. A harmonious combination that strengthens the calm impression in a room.

6. Off-white or butter color

illustration of a house with white color (unsplash.com/Outside)

Still with warm tones, the 2024 color trend consists of neutrals like white. However, the white in question is paler. Apart from white, butter colors are also predicted to sell well. 
Both neutral colors are very new to the world of fashion and home d├ęcor. But both are the right colors to describe the warm tones of 2024.
Interestingly, these two colors can be combined with other colors to make the combination look more aesthetic.

7. Sparkling yellow

yellow color illustration (pexels.com/KoolShooters)

One word that describes the 2024 color trends is ‘warm’. Although there are some bright colors that are quite striking, the impression is still warm and calm. Including sparkling yellow, which is the color trend for next year.
Yellow is a bright color that is often categorized as too striking to the eye. However, yellow in 2024 is more ‘deep’.
This impression makes yellow feel warmer. The glow it emits provides comfort instead of a bright color that pierces the eyes.
That’s the information on 2024 color trends that are more calm and warm. For those of you who want to color the house, try to consider the colors that will be popular, yes.

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