Will There Be a Korean Drama Once Upon A Boyhood Season 2?

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Fans raid IG Siwan and Coupang Play asking for Boyhood season 2

Still cut Korean drama Once Upon A Boyhood (Instagram.com/coupangplay)

The last two episodes of Once Upon A Boyhood were released on Friday (12/22/2023). Packed tightly into 10 episodes, viewers called Once Upon A Boyhood (2023) one of the best dramas set in the 1980s.

Already finished, some viewers praised the satisfying ending and hoped for season 2. Does Once Upon A Boyhood have the potential to come with a season 2?

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. Boyhood’s ending was satisfying for the audience

Still cut Korean drama Once Upon A Boyhood (Instagram.com/coupangplay)

Jang Byeong Tae (Im Si Wan) managed to defeat Jung Gyeong Tae (Lee Si Woo). In addition, the bullies at his school have also repented, because of his influence.
Instead of Kang Seon Hwa (Kang Hye Won), Jang Byeong Tae becomes friends with Park Ji Yeong (Lee Sun Bin). If you look at the ending, Jung Gyeong Tae (Lee Si Woo) seems to still be the Student President at school, but his character has changed.

2. The production team has yet to announce anything regarding the sequel plans

Still cut Korean drama Once Upon A Boyhood (Instagram.com/coupangplay)

In the comments section of Im Siwan’s Instagram, many praised the actor’s acting as well as expecting season 2.
As of the release of this article, the production has not announced anything regarding the planned sequel to Once Upon A Boyhood.

3. The plot that might appear if there is a season 2

Still cut Korean drama Once Upon A Boyhood (Instagram.com/coupangplay)

If Once Upon A Boyhood returns with season 2, many viewers are hoping to see the moment when Jang Byeong Tae and Jung Gyeong Tae really become besties. In addition, there are also those who claim to be unsatisfied with the ending, because the fact that Kang Seon Hwa is from a poor family has not been revealed.
Jang Byeong Tae’s efforts to eliminate bullying in Buyeo also seems interesting to discuss, right? Moreover, he has been dubbed the Blue Dragon aka the number one person there.
However, it could also be that if there is a season 2, the drama presents different players or storylines. All of the above possibilities are only the hopes of the audience after watching the first season ending. Let’s just wait for the next news, huh!

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